Documenting Our Time

In October, our Honors Biology Seminar class went to Notre Dame to learn about baboons, which are the focus of our class. Mr. McNulty, Josh, Evelyn, Adam, and Isabella (me) took videos of our time there.

Now, back at school, were are going to create a mini documentary on our time there and what we learned, using the videos.

First, we need to write a script of our time there. The base of our script is Riley’s post about out field trip on our class website. We then changed it to fit our vision of what we want our documentary to look like. I added things, took things away, and changed things.

Then, using Adobe Premiere, we scrubbed through videos to find a shot that went along with our script. I chose five images. It is very simple to download images, just click the camera in the bottom right corner of the viewer. Then upload them to Google Drive.

This viewer is at the top left side, and the camera button (right below the viewer) is what you need to click if you want to download the image you can see in your viewer.

Below is my script, which has images on the left-hand side, and the script on the right-hand side.

During the field trip we went to Notre Dame to talk with Dr. Archie about her work studying baboons at Amboseli National Park in Kenya. She shared a lot of information with us, and we learned about her work and about genetic in baboons. We also learned about parasites in baboons and how to find them. We learned there is a certain parasite that all baboons have that is helpful to them. We also talked to students majoring in different kinds of biology. They told us about campus life and how to prepare.

Later, after the field trip, we started the process of making a mini documentary about our trip. To do this, we used Adobe Premier.

This is what my project looked like in the beginning.

Our mini doc consisted of a voice over of a summary of or trip, video from our trip, and the background audio of our trip. To start, I recorded my voice over of me reading the script (posted above). Then I inserted video where I though it best fit what was being discussed.

To do this, I clicked on the video I wanted to view and marked in and marked out the time I needed in the video.

This shows a video segment. The green section is the place I marked in and out to use in my final video.

Then I dragged the cut video into my timeline.

This is my timeline where I placed all the marked in and marked out segments of video.

The hardest part about creating this video is balancing the audio from the voice over and the background noise from the original  videos. I did that by adjusting the master volume on different audios and moving the audio of the different videos to the other audios that its volume fit with.

This is the Audio Mixer section on my Mini Doc project. The levels for 1,2,3,7, and 8 are the audios I used. I changed the levels for 2,3,7, and 8 so they didn’t over power the voice over.

Here is what my Adobe Premiere looked like when I finished.

This is my finished project. In the timeline, you can see the pieces of videos I pieced together.

When we finished, we uploaded our video to YouTube. You can view it below, or you can go to YouTube and view it.

Click here to watch my music video I also made!


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