Kenyan Black Rhino Group Presentation

rhino.jpgHello, my name is Will Thurin, this is my Honors Biology Seminar class blog, where I post blogs based on my experiences and works in the class.

The project, the stress, the hard work, and the grades. A group of 3 other students (Evan Li, Aidan Sweeny, and Mamoon Khan) and I were given the option of picking out an endangered species, preferably from Kenya. We decided on the Kenyan Black Rhino. This particular animal is endangered and is at a high risk of extinction.

Some sad, but interesting information is 0.01% of all species die off each year, this is equivalent with 10,000 species, 2,000 in which are plants, that carry vital nutrients. Of these 2,000 plants, there might have been a cure for some different diseases. This is a prime example of how we need to take better care of our environment.

Edited Video of the presentation: Can be found on my personal WordPress page.


Criteria Posted on students canvas page for assignment – created by Mrs. Harshberger:

Endangered Species—Let’s go back in time


The year is 2085 and time travel is allowed by certain personnel.  Your Biology class has been selected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Time Travel Top Secret Service Agency to embark on a lifesaving mission.  Unfortunately, many wildlife species that were endangered 70 years ago are now extinct and it is up to you to figure out how to get them back.

You will be sent back in time, to the year 2018, to answer this big question:                     


Good luck time travelers!  Everyone is counting on you to save the animals!

The Task

Welcome time travelers to the year 2018!  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Time Travel Top Secret Service Agency needs your help in protecting endangered species and prevent their extinction.  As you begin your research, you should focus on the following questions:

  • What is an endangered species?
  • How does a species get “listed” as endangered?
  • What causes endangerment?
  • How do people endanger species?
  • Why save endangered species?
  • What is a recovery plan?

In addition, you must select one endangered species (See sign-up sheet).  You will become a specialist on this species.  Here are some things to focus on:

  • Physical Characteristics
  • Scientific Classification
  • Distribution/Habitat
  • Diet
  • Reproduction
  • Threats (What is causing the organism to be in danger of extinction?) 
  • Conservation (What steps can be taken to save the organism from extinction?)

Upon returning to the year 2085, you must create a presentation (can be a Prezi/powerpoint/poster, etc…) revealing the details of your mission and how you single-handedly saved the day. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure you include the answers and details listed in the task bullet points.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Time Travel Top Secret Service Agency is anxiously awaiting your return! 


Indicator Excellent (5) Competent (3) Needs Improvement (1)
Maintained strong eye contact with audience ________ ________ ________
Avoided distracting mannerisms ________ ________ ________
Used correct grammar ________ ________ ________
Body language communicated confidence ________ ________ ________
Conveyed thoughts clearly ________ ________ ________
Used appropriate vocal variety and volume ________ ________ ________
Sufficient materials ready ________ ________ ________
Contained general information about species endangerment ________ ________ ________
Discussed specific details regarding the species investigated ________ ________ ________
Offered steps to ensure that species’ survival ________ ________ ________

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