Scientific American Blog Post

Our brains are very intricate and a big question is why do people make the decisions they do, particularly in a risk versus reward moment. Speaking of rewards, this podcast was very rewarding and I suggest you give it a listen after you read this.

Through the processes of making this video there was a lot to learn. I had to use the things I had learned from my last project(which is another blog post you can look at after this one) but I also had to learn some new tricks in order to be able to create this project at a good quality. One of the things I learned is how to take out all of the black lines from the picture. In order to do this, you click ‘new title’ then plaster the whole screen to white,following that put the white title in the bin area and put the photo you want over on top of it. Doing this will result in the picture that once had black lines have absolutely none. Another thing I learned is that you can zoom in and out of pictures and edit them while they are in the canvas in order the focus on one area of the picture that needed to be focused on. This resulted in my pictures coming out in a better quality than before and it appeals to the eye more.

The part I liked the most about the project was the creativity and the ability to learn new things about a topic not heavily discussed. The thing that tended to challenge me the most is that my project was not where it was supposed to be so I had to go digging through my files to finally find it and then put it in a new folder where it is now easily accessible. Another problem was finding a podcast, I was not sure what I would wanna do but I’m really glad I chose this one, one I learned a lot in in an interesting topic.

The biggest thing I learned from the podcast is risk vs reward goes and determining what to do is all in your brain. If you have a tendency to want to be edgy or gamble, you will probably take a risk rather than the reward. On the other hand, people who usually play things safe will take the easy reward. Risk vs reward is all about your tendencies and how your brain works.


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