60 Seconds Science Documentary – Connor Craig

Our most recent project assigned to us in our Mass Media portion of our biology seminar class was to make a video for podcast audio. My podcast audio was about fossilization, how organisms break down into just bones and cartilage, and how this rotting flesh offers information as to how fossilization occurs. Very rarely there are extra tissues or organs, unless the decomposition phase started recently. Taphonomy is the study of this, which is how a creature’s body decomposes step by step.

I obtained multiple pictures and images to go along with this podcast, and so what I did was I downloaded the audio file for the podcast and put it into Adobe Premiere to create the video for the podcast audio. I put dissolve transitions in between the images to make the video more smooth and interesting. The result of my work is a nice, transitioning video with images to fit the podcast audio about how rotting flesh informs us and scientists about how fossilization works.

I think that the creation of this video helped tone my skills of Adobe Premiere and discover knew things about the software, like effects to make the video more appealing. It took a lot of searching and time to discover these pictures and put them into a video that made sense with the audio.



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