Adventures in Advertising

Instead of editing the video on an endangered species, Sharon, Janusha, and Anya were tasked with creating a commercial for the STEM competition TEAMS. We worked together to create this commercial which detailed the aspects of our fictitious engineering consulting firm, Product Z Solutions. This project taught us a lot about both making the best of Adobe Premiere, as well as working under pressure & collaborating with others. We plan to use these skills in our future careers.

Here’s an example of one of the many stills we used throughout the video to give viewers (and potential clients) a better idea about what Product Z Solutions was about.

We used our experiences from editing our baboon videos throughout the year to create this commercial. A folder was created for our commercial, where all of our media was located. As a group, a script was written based off the prompt (link). Furthermore, we worked on recording a voice-over and including that in our commercial (a skill we learned from Mr. McNulty’s class). Anna van Avermaete, our team captain, took photos to use as stills in our commercial as well. Photos, video, and audio were all combined to create a fantastic commercial that advertised Product Z Solutions.

Here’s a picture of a whiteboard with several diagrams on it, showcasing the detailed idea process Product Z Solution goes through in order to design technology that’s helpful to both you and the environment.

This project taught us all a lot about the use of technology and its role in advertising to the wider world. We learned how to find images and videos via Creative Commons. We learned how to edit video and audio to make the most out of each clip. But most importantly, we learned all about Adobe Premiere and its potential for creating stellar films for any purpose whatsoever. Many hours were spent before school and during out study hall blocks to edit the film, making it the best to our ability.

This is a picture of our working environment, highlighting the free-flow of ideas, openness and unconventional work-space, and the diverse technology utilized to help best satisfy our customers.

To make this project, we had to focus on the area of green technology. Green technology is engineering that has a special emphasis on being environmentally-friendly. Green technology plays a significant role in the world around us. We specifically zero-d in on developing countries, using some footage from McNulty’s trip to Africa. The video is embedded below — hopefully after watching it, you too are interested in Product Z Solutions.





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