Baboon Field Trip Video Script


Do you remember back when I created that exciting music video for our field trip to Notre Dame? For this assignment, our class was asked to write out a script for that video! We were told to write out a script to help narrate the events that went on that intriguing day. I felt like a news show worker! We would then use that script to make a voice-over on our video. To do this, our teacher provided us with a template and an example to use for guidelines. We had the option to copy and paste a classmates post and make that our script, but I decided to write out my own script. Here is my script. This helped me expand my knowledge of writing in a different way than I had before.


Up above is my video with me talking you through the field trip day! It was quite the experience to type my own script and record it. I also messed up talking sometimes and had to learn to trim out parts of my audio! This was a wonderful learning experience and I really did learn so much from trial and error.

Here I had to create a new sequence so I could keep my original video and edit a new one.Sreenshot You can see the tab labeled mini documentary in the middle of the screen. This made the process very easy. I rearranged some video order.

I also had to add the voice over into my audio. I recorded it in class by shouting, “Voicing!” with silence following. I read my script into a microphone I hooked up to the computer via USB port. I explained each clip as you saw in the video, and here are some highlights of my video!






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