Day at the Dome Mini Documentary

Circling back to the students’ field trip to Notre Dame, they made scripts of the music video they created. With these scripts they will eventually make voice overs through the stills they downloaded on to the template. On October 26, 2017 our class, the Honors Biology Baboon Seminar, arrived at the Jordan Hall of Science to learn about the Evolution of Baboon.

Here is the link to my script: 

How? The students made stills from their music video (kind of like taking screenshots of certain points in the video). Using those stills, they made a copy of the script documents and downloaded the stills (pictures) into the left align boxes. They acted as narrators as they led the audience through the stills / chart, scrolling down. Soon, they will eventually complete a voice-over using the template of the script they created.



Click on this link to view Julia Son’s music video for the Day at the Dome: My video

**To view more music videos click this

The journey first began through the doors leading to the Jordan Hall of Science. They walked the campus as they entered to the doors to get to Dr.Archie (professor of ecology). As the students travel to the lab, Dr. Bobby Habig gives a brief introduction to the vocabulary and concepts in the baboon fecal samples. The students were able to identify the parasites through the microscope. The students wore lab coats, goggles for eye protection, gloves, and looked into the microscopic fecal samples. This concludes the end of the field trip as the students exit the building as many learned through scientific experiences.


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