Evan: Endangered Species

To begin, what defines an endangered species? An endangered species is one that is at risk for extinction. There are also different levels of endangerment such as critically endangered species. The Kenyan Black Rhino belongs to the group of critically endangered species. One question that may come to mind is how does an animal go extinct? There are multiple reasons but the biggest one is human influence that causes the loss of habitat. Another human influence that is specific to rhinos is poaching. Poaching is the illegal killing of animals and in this case, the hunters wanted the rhinos horn. The horn is essential in many Eastern traditional medicines.

This is an image of a Rhino that was killed for its horn.

There are many conservation efforts out there that are dedicated to saving these beautiful animals. Their plans are to increase the land for rhinos so that they can safely reproduce.

Two Black Rhinos

After discussing the condition of the species, the organism itself should be explored.

They Black Rhino is not actually black it is typically grey or brown. The weight range is 1,500-3,000 lbs. They have excellent smell, great hearing, and contrary to popular belief, their eyesight is not too bad. It’s about as good as a rabbit’s. What makes the Black Rhino different from the White Rhino is the shape of the lip. The Black Rhinos have a pointed upper lip that allows them to eat fruit off of trees and bushes. They use their lips to pluck.

The pointed lip is very apparent in this image.

One factor that may contribute to the rapid decline in the Black Rhino’s population is reproduction. The females have a long gestation period and they only carry one offspring at a time. This means that the reproduction rate can’t keep up with the death rate.

There are multiple ways that people around the world are trying to save the black rhinos. Examples are conservation organizations such as WWF and Ol Pejeta.

black rhino
The workers in this image are caring for a young Rhino.

In 9th grade Bio, I did a presentation on the Black Rhinos with three other students. Below is the presentation we created and a short film of our group presenting the information to our other classmates.


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