Mini-Documentary and Script – Addie Machalleck


In recent posts, I have talked about a music video I made about my class’s field trip to Notre Dame. In one, I talked about a music video that I made and the process behind that. An assignment we have coming up is to create a short documentary using footage from the field trip. In this post, I will be describing the process to putting together a script for the upcoming assignment.

To begin, I made a copy of the template for the script off of my Canvas. From there, I moved it into my biology folder in my Google Drive. Once I had the template taken care of, I needed content. One of the students in my class had already put together a script for the class to use excerpts of but I felt like I should make mine original. Instead of using the provided content, I went to my music video on Adobe Premier Pro, and took a few snapshots from the videos used in it. Those pictures were then saved into my files and I was able to upload them to my Google Drive.

After getting the pictures from my video and uploading them to Google Drive, the script was easy to finish off. I placed an image in each row and next to it, I typed up a small summary describing what was going on. Each of the images had some text to go with it and so I completed this assignment by getting a shareable link for the document and embedding it into this very blog post. You will find a link to the script below so you can check out a small “behind the scenes” of my soon-to-be-made documentary of this field trip.

Documentary Script


After completing my script, I began to work on my mini-documentary. I used Adobe Premiere Pro again, since I had already used the software. To start, I used my previously made music video as a base. Due to the fact that I took out the natural noise in my music video, I was unable to get it back for my documentary in the time allowed for the project. After I got my music video set up, I audio recorded myself reading the script. The script was a little off from the pace of the video, but I placed them in different sequences, so I didn’t know ahead of time. When I tried to move my voice over into the video sequence, I had a lot of trouble getting them in a timely manner. I had to make four copies of my mini-documentary after the program had failed each time. In between the moving of my voice over, I had to restart my computer several times as well. Even though I had a rough time in the making, I finished my mini-documentary. Once I exported it to my files, I uploaded it to YouTube. I’m very grateful for the experience even though it was a challenge.

Here are some stills from the process of making the video and from the field trip:

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