ND Field Trip Music Video

Creating this Music Video was a real challenge. We had to learn how to use a completely new software application.

Day At The Dome Still 6

We took a trip to the University of Notre Dame and had many people record videos from this field trip. We spent a lot of time in the Jordan Hall Of Science. To take these stills, I had to find the place I wanted to take it in the timeline, pause the video and take click the camera button. The picture showed up in the canvas to help us choose what we wanted it to look like. We could also preform this function in the viewer box.


The assignment was to take the video clips recorded by Isabella, Adam, Josh, Evelyn, and Mr. Mcnulty and edit them into a music video. He provided us with music and the videos and showed us how to transfer the media into the bin, taught us some basics, and then let us learn the rest on our own. We learned how to


What I first did was create a title page. This was for my introduction. I then chose which clips I wanted to add in my music video. This was a great way to reflect on all we did and learned through the videos I watched. I shortened them and put them together.

Da At The Dome Still 4

In this portion, we were getting an introduction to the studies that Dr. Archie does.Then I added transitions in between the videos and picked music for the video that I felt suited the clips best.


We got to study feces with microscopes to find parasites. Day At The Dome Still 2This was a little gross but very eye opening to the many many organisms and other organic matter that is in poop!


Day At The Dome Still 5Here, you can see one of my classmates observing the feces!



Day At The Dome Still 3This is one of the beautiful buildings located on campus that we saw and entered.




Overall, this was a great learning experience! I had a great time editing all of the clips from our trip and adding in cool transitions. Learning the basics of this program was extremely enjoyable and intriguing. I hope you check out my video and enjoy watching it!


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