Sophia Malik ~ Music Video

In November, the students took a field trip to Notre Dame to tour the facility. Students met Dr. Archie, the head scientist that is studying microbiomes. During the field trip, some of the students took videos throughout the day. After the trip, students stringed the footage together and added music to make a music video.Day at the Dome 3

First, we went to the Jordan Hall of Science where we went into a room to meet Dr. Archie. She taught us about the baboon study they are doing in Africa. She also showed us the different types of baboons and how to identify the parents of a baboon are by using DNA.

Next, we went to a science lab room where we learned about parasites. We took a sample of baboon feces and looked at it under a microscope to see if we could identify a parasite in the feces.

Day at the Dome 5
After a lesson on parasitology, we looked at baboon feces under a microscope to look for parasites.

Then, we met three students from Notre Dame. They told us about their experience and all the opportunities they have at Notre Dame.

Last, we boarded the buses to go back to Penn High School. We had a very educational field trip at Notre Dame.

After this trip we were able to combine the videos we got there to make a music video. To make our video we had to edit clips and find music that we liked to put into our video.

Screenshot (4)
This is Adobe Premiere, the program that we made our video on.

While making my music video on Adobe Premiere, I encountered a few problems. At first I didn’t know how to use the mark-in and mark-out tool. After getting help from other students I learned how to use it. First, you drag the clip you want to use into the work space. Then, you choose where you want your clip to start and click the { icon. After that you choose where you want your video to end and click the } icon. This process will give you a specific clip of the footage that you want to insert into you video.

After finishing our music video, we recorded a voice over instead of the music. This way the audience could hear about our educational adventure. After writing a script (click here to view my script), we used microphones to record our voices. Below is my finished video about the Notre Dame field trip.



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