The Dugong Presentation-Josh Ingle

In our Honor’s Biology Baboon Seminar class, we were tasked with creating a presentation detailing and describing an endangered species. We had to answer various questions about the species we chose, including why it’s endangered, actions being taken to prevent its extinction, and other facts concerning the animal. In my group, with my partners Evie Weaver, Ivan Gubich, and Adam Poellabauer, we chose the animal the Dugong.

Image result for dugong

The Dugong is one of many endangered species that need to be protected and preserved. The Dugong lives in shallow waters with sea grass as their main source of food. Some of the reasons the Dugong is on the endangered species list, is because of poaching, destruction of their natural habitat, and human accidents. Poaching is a big threat to the Dugong population, in some parts of the world more than others. Oceana, a non profit organization set to protect the worlds oceans and its inhabitants, has placed special protection over the Dugong making it illegal to hunt or kill them. However, in some parts of the world such as the coast of Australia, these restrictions fail to stop hunting, furthering harm of Dugong population. Destruction of natural habitat is another big factor in affecting the Dugong population. The Dugongs rely on sea grass as their main food source to sustain themselves. Pollution and human activity have lead to the decrease of sea grass and the destruction of the Dugong’s natural habitat, furthering them towards extinction. Another factor leading to the extinction of the Dugong species, is human accidents. Dugong live in shallow water and use it as their shelter, but this can cause many problems. One of those problems being fishing and boats. Accidents regarding fishing can hurt or kill Dugongs making their environment, an unsafe one. Boats also pose a threat to Dugongs. Accidents can happen such as hitting a Dugong or pollution their environment making their situation worse.

However, not all hope is lost for the Dugongs. Many activist groups and conservation plans have been set in place to help the Dugongs survive. The Dugong species is endangered and needs our help in order to survive. This video is a demonstration of what the Dugong is, what poses as threats to it, and what is being done and can be done in order to help them.



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