The Final Product: Mini-Doc

As seen on the previous post, I will be creating a mini-documentary about the Baboon Seminar Class’s trip to Notre Dame on October 26, 2017. Now that our class has spent several weeks of hardship and difficulties(files were corrupted), the documentary was finally able to be made successfully.

First I was to create a script that was the basis for the documentary. A fellow student, Riley, created an outline of the story of our field trip. I then added phrases here and there, took some information out, and made it so it was fitting for my documentary. The recording process was interesting; my classmate Bella helped me set the microphone up and change the audio settings on Adobe Premiere (yep Premiere is back). “Voicing!”

The top left corner is the audio mixer, which was adjusted for the voice-over and music.

silenced everyone and was followed by (sometimes awkward) reading of the script. The recording was adjusted and fine-tuned to make it easier to hear clearly. This voice-over file was then saved into Premiere, and now was ready to use for the documentary. However, our class ran into some problems creating the video…

All of our video files that we had previously downloaded and imported for use in our Music Video assignment were locked, closed out, stored away. We had a seat change recently, but whatever had been saved onto the computer could not be accessed with our new computers. We had 2 options: redownload everything and waste tons of precious minutes, or switch back to our old seats and import the audio recording there. It was decided that we would take the more efficient route, which was exporting only our audio file and importing that into Google Drive.

This window comes up when exporting files, you can adjust format and change how you would like the media to be exported.

It would then be imported into Adobe Premiere at our old computers, and from there, we would retrieve the previously inaccessible files and use them for the documentary. This sounded like a solid plan, however we were surprised with an update from Adobe Premiere that rendered all of our music videos to be corrupted. The file was gone! Luckily, the videos used to make the music videos were there, and our class was able to make do with those.

Imagine the panic and chaos when I saw this!
Screenshot of the Adobe Premiere Workspace while editing.

Once all the issues with missing files and inaccessible videos were solved, I was able to create the documentary. I imported the voice-over into my new project, and began dragging and dropping various videos to tell the story and document the day.  Piece by piece, the documentary was assembled and put together. After editing the mini-documentary, the file was exported and I embedded the link into this post.

At Notre Dame waiting for Dr. Archie to began her presentation on her work.

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