What’s on the Menu?

Menus can be made to help better organize pages. To organize my portfolio, I have all my subjects nested underneath the Subject “parent” menu. 

To create menus, I had to go to WordPress’s admin settings for the website. The menu button was put under the appearance “parent” menu. This is kind of funny because to make menus you had to be able to use menus and navigate them. After clicking there, I was lead to the ‘Menu Structure Page’, where you could edit menus and the location of the menus.

In order for a page to appear in a menu, I had to first publish it. This took me awhile to figure out because I kept looking for a page that I didn’t publish until I realized that I needed to publish it in order for it to show up on my pages. I selected the pages I wanted under the parent page, subjects.

WordPress uses a drag and drop system, so this made it very easy to organize where I wanted the pages to be. To drop a page under a parent page, I would need to drag it underneath the parent and move it slightly to the right.

Menu Screenshot
A screenshot of my home page showing the sub-menus that were created under the parent menu “subject”.

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