Winter Break

What I did during Winter Break 2017-2018: I celebrated Christmas and New Years. On Christmas Eve my Mom’s entire family came over to my house. It was around forty people, there was not much room to get around. My little cousin followed me the whole time, and wouldn’t leave me alone. We did a gift exchange with everyone and my family ended up getting the gifts we put in. Which was a google home and speaker.

After everyone one left my Mom, Dad and brother went to church at midnight. I was very tired but the music was good. Then we woke up on Christmas Morning and opened gifts. My family liked the gifts I gave them.  I got a new lacrosse stick, eye goggles and some clothes etc.  Later that week we saw Star Wars in 3D in the front row. I also saw my Dad’s family and exchanged gifts with them, and played a game. I went shopping at the mall with my Christmas Money. I also went ice skating at Notre Dame with my friend, Katie Casbon, I fell on the ice multiple times and . After ice skating we went to lunch at McAlister’s Deli.


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