Adobe Premiere

In class, we are working with Adobe Premiere.  We are using this software to edit videos for further projects in class.

The red line with the yellow circle above it is called the playhead.  The box the playhead is in is where you put the edited video and it is called the timeline.  You can move the playhead around and wherever it hovers over is what will show up on the top right corner.  That space is called the viewer.  That is where you can see and watch what you have added to your video.

The top left-hand box is the workspace.  That is where you edit videos by assembling them.  To assemble them, you first mark-in where you want the part of the video to start then choose where you want it to end (mark-out). Then you drag and drop that part of the video to your timeline.  In the timeline, there are multiple places to put video and audio if you want to layer sounds.

This is my Day at the Dome Music Video on Adobe Premiere.

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