Day at the Dome Mini-Documentary

For the past few months our class has been editing raw footage from our field trip to Notre Dame, and preparing the video in order to put together video

in which we narrate and describe the field trip in detail.

Starting out with a script, we organized our thoughts onto a document as a guide to our narration that we would use class time for.

In my case, I wanted to try to expand my knowledge about the new technology and tried to do something I hadn’t done before.  Using Google translate to do my voice over.

Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 10.53.28 PM.png

To complete this task I simply Googled Google translate, and copy and pasted my script

Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 10.55.04 PM.png

Into the space provided.  From there, I connected a microphone to the computer and pressed translate.  The experience was fairly easy, though in the future may not use it again for the voicing sounded very choppy coming out and because I was not using my voice, I wasn’t able to add andy dynamics into my narration which would have made the video more pleasing to watch and listen to.

From there, I used that narration as a guide for my video, corresponding my footage and images to that part of the narration. As an attempt to make the video interesting and not blan I used different effects such as video and sound transitions to smooth out the video, though no effect could fully cancel out the choppiness of my “robot” voice over.



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