The Wonders of Old Trees

As my class continues our studies on biology and baboons, we start looking at the media and display of information part of the class.  For an intriguing assignment, we were to look through various podcasts from the Scientific America website and bring them to life using non-copy written pictures, images, and videos.

For my topic, I chose the podcast titled, Old Trees Are Ecosystem Gold.  This discusses the importance of trees in ecosystems.  It includes how times are changing with the loss of trees as industries and humans cultivate more lands for their needs.  When trees get older they drop more and more seeds as they go, so having old trees in an ecosystem that is dwindling in its amount of plant live could save many species’ natural habitats from being completely disrupted or even permanently damaged.

In the end, David Lindenmayer, the guest speaker, talks about they ways humanity can keep ecosystems from dying, including keeping these trees healthy and unharmed by humans and to look toward nature as less of a nuisance and more of a rare beauty.

I liked this assignment very much as it broadened possibilities with what to do when faced with copywrite issues, as people due in the real world. We had creative control with very little restriction and guidelines and endless podcasts to listen to and learn from. I was mostly inspired to chose this one because Earth Day was coming up when I needed to chose a podcast. I couldn’t figure out how to unblur a few of the images, but that was one of my only main struggles. I hope I get to do more cool projects like this one.

Below are some images I had collected while doing this assignment.


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